Thursday, April 21, 2011

So....I'm new to Blogging (it is pretty obvious!)

I am totally in LOVE with my Cricut Machine!!!  I have started making most of my cards with this wonderful maching and their fabulous cartridges.  Will hopefully figure out how to start posting pics of all my creations and passing along what I have and am learning! 

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Amber said...

Hi Cindy! Welcome to blogging! It is such a fun adventure! I love how you combine paper patterns in your cards! They are so lovely! I saw you asking on your profile how to get followers and the truth is that there are a lot of people out in the blogging world that are here for the follow me and I'll follow you, but they never really "follow" you. It's sad but true. I honestly don't worry too much about how many followers I have. I think the way to get your creations out there is to play along with as many challenges as possible and then visit others who are playing the same challenges! It's amazing how many people you'll find out there that share the same ideas/interests and you'll find the most wonderful blogging friends with so many tips/styles to learn from! Oh and also, I saw on your Mother's Day post that you left comments for your commenters. Unfortunately, most people will never see those because once they comment on a post, they usually don't come back to it. The best thing is to visit them them at their blogs and leave them a response. I've found a lot of my closest blogging friends by visiting all of my commenters! I hope this helps you in your journey! Remember to always have fun with it and be yourself! Good Luck and I'll be watching for more of your lovely creations!