Thursday, April 28, 2011


Decided to make a few of the darling purses on the 'Forever Young' cricut cartridge. I covered them in FABRIC first, then cut them out.  SO CUTE!  
CARTRIDGE USED:   Forever Young
MACHINE INSTRUCTIONS:  Use fit to page for a 12x12 card stock.  Ends up being 4" Set the blade depth at 6, speed 2 or 3, pressure 4. 
FABRIC INSTRUCTIONS: Use Heat 'n Bond -- Ultra hold.  Follow instructions to adhere to fabric.  After fabric has cooled, remove backing and adhere to your choice color of card stock.  Then press onto your cricut cutting mat with Fabric facing UP and card stock side down. Cut and WOW you have a fabric covered purse.  The great thing about using fabric is that the purse is more stable, looks and feels real, and you have unlimited choices in color and design!  I inked the outside edges of the purse to make them stand out.  It helps define the purse.  Add bling (I added flowers and rhinestones) and you are done!
SOOOOO....make a bunch and enjoy!

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Imogene said...

I love your purses, so cute!!
Thanks for the comment on my blog,,
am a new follower, I dont know how to put blinkies, am still learning
about all this blog stuff.